Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 15

Trader Joe's Cats Cookies are vegan. I've been eating the shit out of those.

Query for veteran vegans: If a pre-packaged or processed food doesn't explicitly say it is vegan, but has no apparent animal ingredients, do you not stress out about it? What about if it is "processed on equipment shared with dairy, eggs" etc...?


  1. Former Vegan-Lite Here,

    Oreos are vegan, yes, the name brand kind. I don't know if this scares me as much as I love it, but it's a fact.

    As for "processed on equipment shared with ... etc." I don't think you're breaking any rules. You're concern is not buying products that support the meat and dairy industry, not boycotting all things made in a factory where meat and dairy products are produced.

    Trader Joe's is a great example, to my knowledge they make all of their stuff in their various Trader Joe's factories (they're known for it, as opposed to it being processed in Taiwan). That being said, you'd have to boycott everything produced by Trader Joe's because you want to not eat the food processed in that particular factory. Did I just make sense?

    Either way, point is to not eat one particular product so as not to encourage the companies to produce it, hoping they'll produce more "environmentally friendly, not put the company out of business entirely.

    At least that's the way I see it.

  2. that's fair. i certainly would be sad if TJ's went under.

    i went on a business trip to la jolla today with some co-workers and lunch was such a pain in the ass. being vegan definitely requires planning. wish i had yelped first.