Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 4

So this is the day that I violated my veganism, unintentionally.

It took 2 busses and 2 hours to arrive in Sherman Oaks, and I was still about an hour and a half late for dinner. And I got a ride from Sherman Oaks to Encino, so imagine if I had had to make that last connection?! Anyway, as you might imagine, my hunger was piqued by the time I was greeted at the Ackerman homestead for a lavish table of Sukkot fixins. I had warned in advance that I was coming as a recent vegan and brought my ever-popular raw kale salad as an olive branch of sorts. Emily, whose boyfriend is a vegetarian, made us some really yummy chickpea stew. I ate that, and then helped myself to the other vegetable delights on the table, including a curiously fluffy carrot puree. I asked Em’s mom if it was vegan and she said yes, or at least I think she did… I started eating it and my palate confirmed otherwise: eggs. Yummy, fluffy, too-sweet-but-that’s-ok-cos-I-like sweet-vegetables, carrot puree. But when I asked Dr. Ackerman again she said, Ya, they have eggs. Maybe she was too caught up in the hustle and bustle of hostessing to hear correctly, maybe she thought I was referring to another dish, or maybe I just thought I asked and hadn’t, which is not unlikely. Point being, I ate something with eggs. Which sucks, but I know it’s pointless to beat myself up over it, so there. Sukkot was delicious and awesome and I love being an honorary Jew.


  1. It can be hard when you're a new vegan and eating at someone else's house. If you stick with it, people will get to know what you do and don't eat, and you'll get more comfortable asking specific questions about ingredients. I almost always bring my own food and stick with that, unless I know the people cooking are vegan-smart.

    Good luck, stick with it!

  2. Thanks, I definitely have been making more food "to go" in the past week. I appreciate the support!

  3. When I decided to go veggie, I suspected there would be situations like that, so I was honest with myself about it from the start. Extremes are unsettling, and occasionally breaking rank puts the heart at ease. If you don't like being labeled as any one thing, that's the remedy.