Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 28

I was feeling pretty darn lazy today so I ordered pizza delivery. Vegan pizza ordered online and delivered to your door seems almost too good to be true.* Pizza Fusion in Santa Monica is almost too good to be true. And their prices vouch for that.

So first of all, it took almost three hours to get my pie. Apparently, they don't deliver from 2-5 and I called at 3pm. They said that I would be the first to go when they resumed deliveries at 5, but given the time of day (rush hour in Venice is a bitch) my food didn't arrive until 5:45pm. That's ok. I knew it was coming. The pizza was tepid. whatevs. I was so hungry by then that I shoved a slice in my mouth before signing the credit card slip.

I ordered a large multigrain "Very Vegan" pizza which comes with crimini mushrooms and whole roasted garlic cloves, marinara and Daiya brand cheese. I actually found Pizza Fusion through the Daiya website which I was introduced to via a Whole Foods vegan quesadilla. I added sundried tomatoes to my pizza and with the delivery charge + tip the whole thing turned out to be about $25.00. Now that's a lot of money to pay for a pizza, but I figured, hey, it's a large, I can easily stretch a large pizza over 3 meals. I usually max out at 2 slices a go, so I even invited my co-workers to partake. Well, there were about 8 slices in this incredibly thin crust pizza and it was a lot smaller than I thought a large would be. In spite of the fact that the dimensions were specified I thought it would be much bigger. I can't really think spatially so maybe this was my fault, but ultimately the smallness of the pizza minus the thinness of the crust equaled me eating half of it in one sitting.

It was really good, but not worth the money. Maybe for a special occasion. If they start selling Daiya in the stores that would be great. This is a remarkable product. But Follow Your Heart cheeze is just as good.

*I realize that ordering cheeseless pizza is also vegan, but to me it's just not pizza without the cheese.


  1. I thought I was trying Daiya at a local branch of ZPizza, but I don't think it was. Or if I was trying it, it was super mediocre and tasted just like soy cheese. Any thoughts, being a nearly month-long vegan?

    I hate when pizza is expensive, so now I kind of hate pizza.

  2. Lol. I've never tried Z Pizza so no comment there. As for Daiya, I will say that it doesn't stretch like cheese. When my pizza arrived it wasn't hot and the cheese just kind of felt very soft and oddly moist. Its consistency on the palate felt creamy in a way that mozzarella doesn't. Overall, it was not bad.

    Compare that to the revelatory moment when I tried it piping hot and fresh at Whole Foods. At a higher temp it still doesn't stretch but it oozes. And I can get down with that. So I would say that if you are attempting to enjoy Daiya in the context of a melted cheese, then for consistency's sake it is best consumed fresh. But then again, the same can be said for real cheese!

    But back to pizza. The best vegan version I've ever tried was at a friend's apartment, months before I ever dreamed about going vegan and it was assembled with love on a .99 cent Trader Joe's pizza dough crust, homemade sauce, FYH cheese and a plethora of toppings that didn't cost an extra 2.25 each. Fun times.

  3. they sell Daiya cheese at my store! we make our own pizzas with it! it's the best thing ever!