Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 27

Today I went on a field trip of sorts with my co-workers Sarah and Shawna. We motored down to La Jolla in Sarah's Prius to check out some galleries in the area. Before leaving Venice we stopped at the Venice Whole Foods. I got a smoothie. It was amazing. So a good vegan smoothie can be done (not that I doubted it, I just wonder how J's went so awry. See Day 25 for my sad, sad review.)

In La Jolla the necessity of preparation as a vegan became very apparent. Finding a vegan friendly lunch spot without the benefit of yelp was a crapshoot. Finally we ended up at a yuppie proper bistro called George's. What George lacked in vegan friendly options he more than made up for with an amazing ocean front terrace and my lady friends and I sipped on fancy cocktails by the sea. I will say that in spite of the mediocrity of my cobbled together vegan entree (pasta with veggies) our server was very accommodating and didn't seem annoyed at all by the curve ball I threw him. And believe me, I was a difficult patron BEFORE I went vegan so I can imagine how horrific I must be at present.

PS Hi Tara, wish I could have seen you today :(

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