Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 23

I enjoyed the polenta so much last Monday that I decided to do it again Friday night. This time, I used chopped Italian parsley in the polenta and fried it so it was really crispy (so much for being healthy.) I topped the fried polenta cakes with garlic sauteed spinach and a really hearty sauce I made that was sort of like a lentil marinara and a sprinkle of more fresh parsley. My boyfriend loved it, so I guess it was alright!


  1. oo, i bought some grits/polenta stuff a while ago and haven't gotten around to trying it out yet. what all did you do? it sounds like it worked out well.

    what i really need though is a recipe to use up a lot of kale. the bunch i have is not long for this world.

  2. you can make a vegan pesto out of kale, substituting the kale for the basil, a mild miso for the parm, and almonds for the pine nuts (i use a blanched slivered unsalted almond) cos pine nuts are too damn expensive. it will use up all that kale.

    also, my favorite salad to make is an *almost* raw kale salad. i shred the kale to small pieces ribless pieces and put in a big bowl. dry toast sesame seeds in a pan. when the seeds are toasted turn off the heat and add olive oil to the pan and immediately drizzle the oil-sesame mixture all over the kale to wilt. fun things to add to this are shredded carrot, hijiki (marinated seaweed), chili flakes, salt & pepper. very yummy and very highly regarded by all who have tried.