Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 6

Today was a long, long day at work and I made it through with leftovers from last night and a sandwich from some eggplant hummus I made a few weeks ago. When I finally came home my boyfriend had a stir-fry straight from the sacred pages of the Veganomicon waiting on the stove for me. God bless that man. (I don’t think he reads my blog, though.)


  1. Gia! It's your really attractive former roommate. Anyway, when I was vegan, there was a book I used to recommend to everyone -- "The Vegan Sourcebook," by Joanne Stepaniak. Have you read it? I haven't read it in 10 years and, as we discussed yesterday, being vegan isn't so freakish anymore, and so I'm sure all the info provided is already known by you. But, anyway, thought I would pass on the word. Enjoy! OH, also, I gotta know how hardcore you are. Are you wearing leather, silk, or wool? Are you swearing off honey? Are you being obsessive about vegan candy? Probably not because you're not crazy. But thought I would ask ...and, if you are, Air Heads are vegan (yes, I was crazy). Love you!

  2. LANI!! Thanks for reading my blog!

    I haven't read The Vegan Sourcebook, but now that I know of its existence I will hopefully check it out of the library. Buying books is not in my budget right now (though I totally dropped $30 on Isa Chandra's Veganomicon... so worth it.)

    To be honest, the whole clothing issue is not one I've considered. When I was vegetarian, I didn't buy leather (or fur, but you know I live in LA so fur is not even remotely a necessity here.) Now, I own plenty of leather shoes and belts, and even a leather jacket. Most of these items were gifts or thrifted. In terms of buying that seems like a no-brainer. I own too much as it is. But it never occurred to me to stop wearing the things I already own. That seems downright wasteful.

    I didn't know vegans didn't wear wool, although I guess if you are hardcore, it makes sense. But personally, I don't see a problem with wearing wool as long as the sheep that are being sheared are treated humanely. In nature, many species have a symbiotic relationship with one another and the shepherd in sheep could be perceived as an example of this. I hope I'm not terribly off base with my analysis as I don't know much about wool production. But again, wool just isn't something I wear much of by the beach.

    I'm also a bit conflicted about no honey, but am erring on the side of none at all, for now.
    So as you can see, maybe reading through the Sourcebook would be revelatory for me after all.

    Love you Lans <3


  3. Well that answers my honey question from the day 1 entry. I'm telling you though, honey is a miracle food, and bees don't have feelings.