Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 18

This was a day of disappointments, on all fronts. But given the mandate of this blog I will focus singularly on the culinary violator of the day: 123'z & Chreeze. To the uninitiated, this may not sound like an edible food stuff. It hardly is. It is made by Road's End Organics and I've provided a link so you can review the ingredients.

Perhaps for someone who's been a vegan for a really, really long time this product might resemble the mac & cheese of a distant memory; or, as the product is marketed towards children, it could be suitable for one who is being reared on vegan principles. In that case, it's fine. I hate giving negative reviews, especially when I recognize that this is simply trying to fill a niche for a familiar and common craving. The product was certainly creamy, so texture wise, there was nothing lacking. And I wasn't looking for something that exactly replicated cheese. After all, there are many ways to make and enjoy mac & cheese; it is a dish that is open to various interpretations and I was more than willing to entertain the novelty (for me) of a vegan mac & cheeze that could potentially supplant my craving for its dairy counterpart. And many cheese alternatives I've tried (Follow Your Heart and Daiya brands in particular) are fantastically good at what they do. Alas, the off putting flavors of the 123'z were, in a word, gross.

Anyway, the point of being vegan for me personally does not lie in convenience foods like the 123'z. Sometime in the coming days I will attempt a recipe from scratch and I will let you all know how it goes.

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